Campervan Eating Out: Don't be Afraid to 'Tapas-Up' Your Meal

Sometimes, when Glyn and I are eating out in a cafe or restaurant we don’t want to have just one big main course each – we want to try several smaller dishes and this is when we say “Let’s Tapas-it-Up!”  Tapas is a Spanish cuisine but here is a way that you can do this in any restaurant and it makes for a much more interesting meal…

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Campervan Adventures: ‘January’ (oops April) on the Dorset Coast

Can you believe the weather we had at the end of April? April and May in the UK are often some of the loveliest months of the year and a great time to dust off your campervan and get out for some new adventures, but this April has been a bit bizarre (it actually snowed one morning!). Fortunately ‘Trev-the-Prev’ is a very warm campervan so, with the help of extra blankets (see product review on my wonderful Teddy Bear Blankets on link below), I managed to get through the zero degrees nights and still be smiling. 
Campervan Kit: The Gorgeous Teddy Bear Blanket

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Campervan Days Out: The Spooky Hellfire Club Caves

We had planned to take off in Trev-the-Prev, our converted Toyota Previa campervan, for the Easter weekend down to Brighton for a city break but we are pretty glad that we didn’t now as the weather was cold and wet. So instead we decided to do a more local, day trip and went to visit the spooky Hellfire Club Caves in West Wycombe. They certainly lived up to their name…

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Cmpervan Days Out: Christmas Day at a Haunted Pub

Campervan Days Out: So how was your Christmas day? I hope you had a good one and got to eat some lovely, nourishing winter food. I love the Christmas roast and we often pop out for turkey carverys throughout the year as well.

This year my partner, Glyn, and I stayed at home for Christmas day in our cosy little cottage and will do our visiting in the Twixmas time and New Year. However, we continued our Christmas day tradition of having a walk around Avebury stone circle before going home for lunch even though it was a bit wet. Continue reading “Cmpervan Days Out: Christmas Day at a Haunted Pub”