My Curry Cooking Class Day

Just had a great curry cooking day with Geeta  at the Delish cookery school in Bristol and learned a lot about authentic Indian cooking.

We shared out the recipes which included: a chicken curry, a vegetable curry, samosas, pakoras and chapatis and then all took home a little bit of each of the dishes.  It was great to go to the fridge the next day for lunch and find all these wonderful, cooked goodies that I could just heat up. Hooray! Continue reading “My Curry Cooking Class Day”

Cmpervan Days Out: Christmas Day at a Haunted Pub

Campervan Days Out: So how was your Christmas day? I hope you had a good one and got to eat some lovely, nourishing winter food. I love the Christmas roast and we often pop out for turkey carverys throughout the year as well.

This year my partner, Glyn, and I stayed at home for Christmas day in our cosy little cottage and will do our visiting in the Twixmas time and New Year. However, we continued our Christmas day tradition of having a walk around Avebury stone circle before going home for lunch even though it was a bit wet. Continue reading “Cmpervan Days Out: Christmas Day at a Haunted Pub”

Campervan Kit: Have You Ever Thought About Having an Induction Hob in Your Campervan?

I am always looking for kitchen gadgets that make life easier for cooking in our campervan, ‘Trev-the-Prev’, and I decided to try out an induction hob. As you probably know, you can get the full monty, 4-ring hob for your cooker at home but did you know that you can get a portable, one-ring hob that you just plug in to a normal electric socket? Well, you can and they are bloomin’ marvellous!

Continue reading “Campervan Kit: Have You Ever Thought About Having an Induction Hob in Your Campervan?”