Luscious Lunches: The Nicoise Power Bowl

I’m lucky in that part of my work-life includes cooking and eating food (it’s hard but someone has to do it!). When I am working at home I try to cook myself a lunch which let’s me try out ideas for my campervan cookbooks. Some are best forgotten but some turn out ‘luscious’ and I’d like to share this luscious one with you: ‘The Nicoise Power bowl’

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These Foods are Healthier than You Think…

Yes it’s January so a lot of us are now making New Year resolutions and thinking about how we can eat healthier. I am passionate about eating good food any time of the year and I think it’s great that people are now so interested in learning about nutrition. However, it’s very easy to be a bit dazzled by all the new ‘superfoods’ like spirulina, bone broth and  goji berries and forget about how amazing many of our everyday foods are. So here are 7 humble foods that don’t shout look-at-me but help us stay well and healthy in a quiet way…

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Campervan Health: Natural Remedies – Onion Antibiotic

Autumn is a time when many of us come down with colds, coughs and flu  (at least here in the UK) as the weather becomes colder, damper and the days get shorter which hits our bodies quite hard. Of course, it is also possible to get colds any time of the year – even when you are out in the campervan in the summer – and it is useful to know a few natural food-based remedies that you can use if you can’t get to the pharmacy straight away. This one, the onion antibiotic, is an old remedy and was taught to me by my grandmother…

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Podcast on Campervan Cooking and Having a Balanced Life

Just wanted to let you know about the interview podcast I did with Slywia Presley the founder of Blog A Life.


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