Campervan Kit: The Gorgeous Teddy Bear Blanket

When I spent a few days down on the Dorset coast recently in our campervan, Trev-the-Prev, we had some zero degree nights and I was soooo happy to have my Teddy Bear blankets with me. If you have not entered the world of Teddy Bear fabric yet then you are in for a gorgeous, new experience…

Perfect For Camping Life

Sometimes when you are out having adventures it is good to take a couple of blankets in the van in case it gets cold at night – not only for when you are sleeping, but also to wrap up in when you want to sit outside and watch the sun go down. Teddy Bear blankets are perfect for camping life.

Easy to Wash

Teddy Bear blankets are made from a special fabric that really does feel like you are touching a teddy bear. It is very soft and one of the warmest fabrics I have ever come across so being wrapped up in it feels really nice. From a camping point of view, the blankets are really light and they are easy to wash and quick to dry which is important if you are out in the campervan for a longer time. They come in lots of lovely colours (I know, boys, that really doesn’t matter to you LoL) and you can get them in single-bed size and double-bed size.

AND (deep joy) there are lots of other items that you can buy in Teddy Bear fabric: pillows, cushions, fitted sheets, duvet covers, slippers, scarves, mittens, dressing gowns and….you can even get a Teddy Bear onesie! In fact there really is no reason not to spend the rest of your life encased in Teddy Bear material.

But seriously, they are great for keeping in the campervan and I also use mine at home for sitting on the sofa in the winter when I need that extra bit of cosy warmth while I’m watching the telly.

And They Won’t Break the Bank

You can buy the Teddy Bear range at Dunelm stores :

Check out the Teddy Bear Collection (they call the blankets ‘throws’)

The single-bed size costs £9.99 and the double-bed one is £19.99 so it won’t break the bank.

Have fun and stay warm!