Campervan Design: Mini Salad Garden in Your Campervan

I came across this picture on Pinterest of a mini veg garden in a campervan. Obviously this is more for people who live in their van or make longer trips but I thought what a good idea. And here’s some suggestions of the kind of edible plants you can grow for constant fresh salad in your camper garden…

I love to grow as much fresh veg in our garden at home as possible as I believe that, when you gather a vegetable from the ground and eat it there and then, you are taking in life force as well as the vitamins and minerals. We have a lot of salad in our garden that we use as cut-and-come-again leaves and here are some that are sooo easy to grow:

  • rocket

  • mizuna

  • mustard

  • cress

  • oak leaf lettuce (just take a few leaves at a time and it keeps on growing)

  • spinach

  • pak choi

And don’t forget the herbs – these are great in salads as well as using them for cooking (and so good for you):

  • coriander

  • mint

  • parsley

  • chives

  • chervil

Just keep snipping them and they’ll keep on growing!

The picture is by Michael Gregory who says “At long last, the van garden is complete! Constructed with reclaimed wood pallets and nothing but hand tools, this veggie garden is already growing enough lettuce to feed a small family. The van functions surprisingly well as a greenhouse, and I’m hoping to be able to grow enough produce to provide a few meals a week.

Check out his Pinterest stuff