The New Tipoon Trailer – How Can You Not Want One!

Not a campervan but soooo want one of these – a foldout, grown-up’s Wendy house. Not only is it a really clever use of space design (the bed is king size, what’s not to like!) it is as cute as hell. Could camping be any more fun!
Starts at around £20,000 so won’t be happening any time soon but maybe one day…sigh

Check out the VIDEO:


Quest for a New Campervan : Which Van is Best?

So which van have we decided on in the end? Well, this was all becoming a bit of a Grand Design and to get to that decision (which to date is still not set in stone) we have had to follow a long research road that has had lots of twists and turns. Everybody you speak to seems to throw another consideration in to the mix which sometimes seems to confuse the question more. It really is like buying a new house and secretly I am loving every minute…

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Quest for a New Campervan: What Sort of Camper are You?

As much as we love Trev-the-Prev (our converted Toyota Previa) Glyn and I feel that it is now time for our next campervan.  As we won’t have the full funds until later this year, I have decided to launch myself on a full-on ‘Van Quest’, diving deep in to research on what our next van should be and the sort of questions everyone should ask themselves when they go on their own quest for a new campervan. It’s proving to be quite a journey and I’ll be sharing it with you over the next few weeks…

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Campervan Christmas Presents: The Hi Gear Stool/Table

Yes it’s nearly that time of year again so I am going to bring you a series of blogs on cool presents for your camping family and friends, or you can even treat yourself to one! Some of these clever products are great to use at home, too. So let me tell you about the Hi Gear Stool/Table which we have had in our van for a couple of years and it has so many uses…

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Campervan Recipes: Oh No, it's a Dis-aaaster (or is it?)

Not a recipe for the campervan as it requires an oven but I thought I would try out a new recipe for baked apples the other day as we have a lot of them growing in our garden at the moment. Baked apples – nothing too difficult  – but when I took them out of the oven they looked like some sort of alien life-form! Oh no, a disaster I thought but when I tasted them I wasn’t so sure…and I learned some really important things…

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Campervan Life: Yay – The Camper Cookie Book makes the Local Press!

Just wanted to say thank you to Marion Sauvebois from the Swindon Advertiser for her nice feature on my recipe book with a bit of my life story. I came to cooking in a roundabout way, mainly to get well from a chronic illness, and nutrition was a large part of that. It’s great to now combine that with something fun like camping …

Checkout the Camper Cookie story in Local Press

I do hope that people find this book useful and it inspires them to make nourishing meals even if they think that they can’t cook (go on – you can do it!).

Summer Cooking Risotto

Summer Cooking a Risotto, Wales

Please excuse the post-beach hair! 🙂