Campervan Christmas Presents: The Stick-on Mirror You Can't Live Without!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big difference and a stick-on mirror can make a big difference to your campervan life (and a great Christmas present for your campervan friends)…

James, who runs Bumble Campers which rents out and converts Toyota Previa campervans Bumble Campers, says that the ladies in particular often groan at the lack of a mirror in the vans. In a small campervan you are unlikely to have a built-in mirror and, if you do have a van/motorhome with a fixed mirror, sometimes it’s just not the right light or place for make-up, hair-drying or (for the guys) shaving.

Summer Cooking Risotto

Summer models slightly-scary beach hair while cooking a risotto

Now, while I don’t usually bother with make-up on a camping holiday and I don’t mind having slightly-scary beach hair for a day, it is nice to look a bit smart if you are going out somewhere and then I need my trusty stick-on mirror. Sometimes I’ll even stick the mirror on the outside of the van if it makes the whole operation easier.


As these mirrors only cost under £10 they make a nice mini Christmas present or maybe just treat yourself ready for next spring!

Check out this stick-on mirror £7.98

Check out this stick-on mirror £2.50

The cosmetic mirrors have a normal side and a magnified side and some even have a light but it is not very powerful.