Easy Chicken Salad and Grapes Recipe Ideal for Camping (and brunch!)

Hi Everyone, I just thought I’d share a really easy, nutritious recipe that would be great for your camping life (and a tasty brunch at home). We often forget just how delicious and versatile the humble croissant is. You can add savoury and sweet fillings or just have it plain with a little creamy butter…

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Power Bowls – Perfect for Campervan Life

Just thought I’d share with you a meal that is ideal for when you are out in the campervan. Not only is it really easy, tasty and flexible, it’s healthy too! It’s called the Power Bowl (sometimes the Buddha Bowl) and it is a perfectly balanced meal that you assemble from a wide range of ingredients.

You will need a pasta-style bowl as you’ll want something big enough to hold your whole meal (less washing-up, yay!) and you can include anything you want really, but there is a general template to follow…

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The Winning Recipe from my Campervan Cooking Competition

Hi Everyone,

Here is the winning recipe from my campervan recipe competition – it’s Bannock Bread.

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of it before but, apparently, Bannock is a simple, flat loaf of bread that can be cooked in a pan and bakes up with a texture similar to a scone or biscuit, with a fluffy center that is slightly crumbly. It is wonderful for breakfast spread with some jam or served with a main meal alongside your stew or main dish.

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Campervan Recipe Competition

Hi Everyone. I am running a little competition and the winner gets the latest edition of ‘Campervan’ magazine. All you need to do is send me your favourite campervan recipe and I will put the winning recipe on my website (www.thecampercookie.com) and I’ll feature it as a guest recipe in my next cookbook! There are just four guidelines:

1. You must be able to cook it on one or two gas rings
2. It needs to be easy and take less than 30 mins in total
3. It needs to use 6 or less main ingredients
4. It needs to be reasonably healthy

Just email your recipes to thecampercookie@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing all your amazing stuff. Summer xx

Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…

There are two fruits that go to an extra dimension of deliciousness when you pan-fry them: peaches and bananas. They not only go super-soft and luscious, they also stop being shy about how sweet they are and blatantly show-off in that department. Now, add in a favourite Christmas spice and you have a perfect winter dessert for when you are fed-up with Christmas pudding…  Continue reading “Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…”