Winner of my ‘Most Useful Camping Accessory’ Competition

Well, I had some interesting answers to my ‘what’s your most useful camping accessory?’ competition and I was surprised at how many of you said that your dog or your partner was your favourite  accessory! Not sure how I would feel about being a camping accessory but I get that it was said with luv. Anyway, the winner of my camping accessory competition is…

Darren Thrower who is currently converting his own campervan and runs the Dorset/Hampshire/Sussex Self Build Get Together group. Darren’s suggestion was for something quite simple but I think often underrated and it inspired me to go and get one of my own – it’s a head torch.

Darren Thrower wearing his no-messing head torch

Not only is a useful thing for the campervan (especially if wild camping) but I also now keep one in our car in case I ever break down when it is dark.

Most head torches are powered by batteries but I found one that you can charge up via a USB so it can also be charged from a power bank and I would really recommend keeping a power bank in the van anyway to charge phones if you don’t have access to any other juice. But make sure that you get one that has quite a high capacity (6000mAh or more).

Checkout article on Choosing a Power Bank:

Well done Darren, the spring edition of Campervan magazine is yours!