LUSCIOUS LUNCHES: 7-7 Salmon and Micro Salad

Part of my life as ‘The Camper Cookie’ is trying out different combos of food that I think might work well in a camping kitchen. When I am working at home I often try these out for my own lunch and I call them ‘Luscious Lunches’. Here is one that worked well that I’d like to share with you…

7-7 Salmon

I often check out the reduced section in the supermarkets for different foods to experiment with and I found these lightly-smoked salmon fillets. This is not slices of smoked salmon but actual fillets with a very light flavour. I decided to cook them by my 7-7 Method. The 7-7 Method is, I think, a pretty magical way to cook fish or meat that produces lovely moist results with minimum fuss and cooking time. To do the 7-7 Salmon I put the fillets in a high-sided pan with a little oil on the bottom to stop them sticking.


I then covered them with one of my silicon lids (but you can use any close-fitting lid).


All I did then was leave the salmon to cook on a low heat for 7 minutes. You then switch off the heat and let it sit WITH THE LID STILL ON for another 7 minutes. Then, remove the lid and you have beautifully cooked, moist and healthy salmon fillets.

Salmon bits enhanced

You can do the same with chicken breasts but you cook them 10-10 (10 minutes with heat and 10 minutes resting with the lid on).

Check out my 10-10 Chicken on YouTube

What Veg to Have?

Then I looked around the kitchen for some veg and I found that I had lots of small bits of veg left over or in the garden (yes I have some carrots from last year can you believe!) so I decided to make a Micro Salad. This is when you chop up lots of different bits of veg (and maybe fruit) in to about half inch pieces and then dress with a luscious dressing.

This is what I had lying around:

Ingredients Salad enchanced

There were: carrots (from the garden). courgette, radishes, celery, broccoli, gem lettuce, apples and pomegranates seeds. I chopped them all up…

Micro Salad enhance

…And then dressed them with a Raspberry Vinaigrette. For the Raspberry Vinaigrette you can just mash up some fresh or frozen raspberries with a light vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar this time) and a tbsps of runny honey. I didn’t have any fresh raspberries that day so I used some raspberry coulis that I have in a bottle in the fridge which you can buy from the supermarket (around £2). I have to say, the dressing with the raspberry coulis was fantastic!

I then served up the salmon and micro salad with some Corn tortilla chips to add a bit of grainy texture and – Voila, one delicious but easy lunch. (I often add what I call ‘Crunchies’ to my dishes, like tortilla chips, mini poppadums, pitta chips, or even prawn crackers – you don’t need to keep these just for curries!)

Salmon Enhanced



Dessert ernhanced

For dessert I did one of my yoghurty combos which included:

  • some bits of ginger meringue that we had bought at a food fair
  • some Greek yoghurt
  •  a few blueberries
  • some passion fruit & mango coulis
  • grated dark chocolate

So easy and full of lovely tastes that like to dance together!

The great thing is, this would be really easy to cook in a campervan too as it is quick and uses very little gas. Also not too much washing-up . Hooray!

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