Winter Recipes: Roast Root-Veg Pizza (Non-gluten)

Do you love pizza? I do but I am gluten intolerant so can’t eat a wheaty pizza base and I find a lot of the free-from ones you can buy are a bit like eating cardboard. BUT, I have found an amazing pizza base that is very easy and you make it up yourself. Glyn, who is a pizza addict. says that it is better than most of the ‘normal’ pizzas he has had. As it’s winter I have given this one a comfort-food feel with some roast root veg…

I had some rather old, root veg still in the garden so was pondering what I could do with them and thought roasting would be good. I was also in the mood to try something a bit different so decided to pop them on a pizza with some goats cheese.

I use a brilliant, non-gluten pizza base mix from the Isabel’s range.


You can buy it online at Amazon or places like Holland & Barrett, Morrisons or Ocado.

You simply empty the packet in to a bowl and add 1 egg, 2 tbsps olive oil and 100ml water and mix it all up in to a dough ball. Then roll out the dough to a large pizza shape and bake in the oven for 10 mins on a pizza pan to let it get crispy. Then smear with tomato paste and dollop around some shredded mozzarella cheese and top with whatever you like.

We often select from:

peppers, mushrooms, red onions, rocket, garlic, prawns, cooked chicken, spicy mince, chopped up cooked sausages, goats cheese, blue cheese, feta cheese, herbs or whatever you fancy.

It’s a good way to use up any small bits and pieces hanging around.

So I chopped up my root veg (beetroot/radish/onion/carrot) in to small pieces and roasted them with a little olive oil and salt for around 30 mins and ended up with some lovely jewel-like veg pieces.


I threw these on top of our part-cooked pizza base, that had already had the tomato and mozzarella treatment, with some red pepper and crumbled some goats cheese on top and sprinkled over some baby spinach leaves. I also drizzled with a little garlic olive oil.


I then put it back in the oven for around another 10 minutes to let the ingredients cook down and merge (my God, I can’t believe how hungry I am getting writing this blog – just have a huge urge for pizza now!).

So why not give it a go, even if you aren’t gluten-intolerant, as you may well find that your Isabel’s pizza becomes your favourite homemade Saturday-night ‘takeaway’!

Checkout the Isabel’s range