Campervan Recipes: Recipe Finder to Help You with Your Ready Steady Cooking

So, you are out in your campervan (or tent) and you’ve got a few, odd ingredients hanging around but don’t know what to do with them? Well now you can go to a website that lets you find a matching recipe by typing in your ingredients and it will go and find one that you can cook with them. It’s called Build-a-Meal…

When you are out on a camping adventure you usually get to the point where you have a few bits of ingredients left but they don’t quite make up a whole meal that you know how to cook. For example you might have a bit of cheese, half a pepper, a tin of beans, a couple of sausages. Personally I hate wasting good food and I love to find ways to create ‘Ready-Steady-Cook’ meals to use up the bits and pieces.

Ready  Steady  Cook


Ready Steady Cook was a TV cooking  program, hosted by Chef Ainsley Harriott  Ainsley Harriott,  where 2 top chefs were given a bag of ingredients each that was put together by  members of the audience and they then had to create a recipe with it on the spot. The chefs had some store cupboard items that they could use too but, basically, they had to put it together there and then. The audience then had to vote on which meal they thought was the best. I was often amazed at what they were able to create in such a short time and with no planning and I found it quite inspiring. As campers, I think we need to be able to become Ready Steady Cook chefs a bit ourselves.


So to help you with your ready-steady-cooking you can go to a website called ‘My Recipes’ which has a ‘Build-a-Meal’ page where you can type ingredients in the boxes and it will search its huge database of recipes and show you some that will fit your ingredients. Genius!

Checkout the My Recipes Recipe Finder