Campervan Recipes: Cool Recipe Tip from Norway

Here is a great recipe tip from Jane and Nigel Wallis who are in Norway after travelling through Holland, Germany and Denmark in their ‘Morello by Murvi’, Fiat Ducato conversion campervan. Jane is a pretty amazing lady as she had cancer several years ago but chose natural remedies to deal with the cancer, one of which was good nutrition and she is now a very wise woman in that area. Thanks for this great tip, Jane…

Jane says – “We came up with another cooking trick for this trip. As we have our rather strange diets we wanted to take as much of our own food with us as possible. So I made lots of spaghetti sauce and then sealed it in various sized jars. All I did was just like you do for jam – heat the jars first then pour in the boiling sauce and screw the lids on as tight as possible – and it has worked. It is just great as I can make all sorts of meals with the sauce as a base. And for this base, I just fry an onion with a bit of garlic, then add finely chopped celery, about four sticks,  and about four carrots grated. After this has cooked for a bit I add some dried basil and some oregano and a stock cube before adding a couple of tins of tomatoes and then cook for about 30 mins. Although for this I only added one tin as I left it thick as I can always buy canned tomatoes on our travels.”

Make in Advance for Shorter Campervan Trips

Of course Jane & Nigel were going away for a long time but I was thinking, if you do shorter trips like us, you could make up a big batch of the sauce and freeze it in meal-sized portions at home and then you have a supply that you can just grab and throw in the van for your future trips. You could then just boil up some pasta, heat up the sauce and mix it in to the drained pasta. Grate some parmesan or pecorino cheese on top and serve with a green salad or crusty bread to mop up the sauce at the end! (For those of you not familiar with pecorino cheese, it is very similar to parmesan but made with sheep’s milk so often works better for people who are intolerant to dairy products made from cow’s milk)

Campervan Recipe Book Coming Soon

Jane has kindly contributed a couple of guest recipes for my Camper Cookie Recipe Book coming soon.

To see the Morello campervan model on YouTube check out: Murvi Morello Campervan