Campervan Recipes: Curry-in-a-Hurry

Curries are great.  They are tasty, nutritious and can be cooked in one pot so are brilliant for campervan life. And, although they are best cooked from scratch with lots of fresh spices, there is a way to cook a good curry that is fast and almost as fresh: the curry kit…

If you haven’t discovered curry kits I encourage you to visit your nearest big supermarket and check out their Asian  or sauces section. You will find a lot of different curry kits in pouches which have the fresh ingredients/sauce ready to mix with your meat or fish. A couple of my favourites are The Spice Tailor and Thai Curry kits. There are sauces for all tastes and heat-tolerances and, as they have fresh spices and things like coconut milk in them, you know that you are getting something healthy as well as convenient.

Cooked in 10 Minutes

Most of them can be cooked in around  10 minutes and you only have to buy and chop your fresh ingredients such as meat, fish or veg. I like to try and get as much veg in our meals as possible so I often fry a bit of veg (like onion, mushroom, pepper, green beans, peas) before I add the dry spices for their pre-fry.

Easy to Store in a Campervan

Another great thing about these packs is that they are easy to store in a campervan and you could buy a few and keep them as staples in your camper larder (for me that’s a storage box!) and just grab one when you need it and have access to the right ingredients.

Good for Weekday Meals Too

Of course, these kits are also brilliant to have at home for when you come in from work and want to do something quick and easy. It’s also a great way to use up any bits of veg you have left in the fridge.

Although I am keen on having fresh food and good nutrition I think we have to be realistic and use some of the pre-prepared goodies that there are out in the supermarkets now if they help us to make a meal that is still reasonably healthy. Otherwise, let’s face it, on a busy weekday evening we might just not bother to cook at all. So don’t feel guilty about taking a few shortcuts – just be selective about what you choose.

P.S. For the vegetarians, Paneer cheese makes a good curry with the kormas and butter chicken sauces.

Happy Eating!