Loving This Super-Summery Strawberry Salad

Really love this campervan-easy, Strawberry & Broccoli Salad from Fit Foodie Finds. Adding fruit to salads is really underrated and strawberries definitely zhuzh up a salad as well as being super nutritious. Did you know that there are tiny, fibrous tubes that run from the centre of the strawberry to each seed that chelate (claw out) mercury from our bodies! This recipe also gives you a good hit of protein with the cheese and toasted almonds.

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Easy Chicken Salad and Grapes Recipe Ideal for Camping (and brunch!)

Hi Everyone, I just thought I’d share a really easy, nutritious recipe that would be great for your camping life (and a tasty brunch at home). We often forget just how delicious and versatile the humble croissant is. You can add savoury and sweet fillings or just have it plain with a little creamy butter…

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Power Bowls – Perfect for Campervan Life

Just thought I’d share with you a meal that is ideal for when you are out in the campervan. Not only is it really easy, tasty and flexible, it’s healthy too! It’s called the Power Bowl (sometimes the Buddha Bowl) and it is a perfectly balanced meal that you assemble from a wide range of ingredients.

You will need a pasta-style bowl as you’ll want something big enough to hold your whole meal (less washing-up, yay!) and you can include anything you want really, but there is a general template to follow…

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Campervan Recipes: Saturday Night, 'Strictly' and a Sponny Risotto!

Yes, Glyn and I are two of the many people addicted to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on a Saturday night and I like to cook us a nice supper to eat while we cosy-in and watch it. This week I didn’t have anything special to cook so I decided to throw together a Sponny Risotto, which is a recipe that works really well when you are camping too…

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Campervan Life: Yay – The Camper Cookie Book makes the Local Press!

Just wanted to say thank you to Marion Sauvebois from the Swindon Advertiser for her nice feature on my recipe book with a bit of my life story. I came to cooking in a roundabout way, mainly to get well from a chronic illness, and nutrition was a large part of that. It’s great to now combine that with something fun like camping …

Checkout the Camper Cookie story in Local Press

I do hope that people find this book useful and it inspires them to make nourishing meals even if they think that they can’t cook (go on – you can do it!).

Summer Cooking Risotto

Summer Cooking a Risotto, Wales

Please excuse the post-beach hair! 🙂