Hot Honey – it’s all the rage!

Just discovered a foodie product that is all the rage in the cooking fraternity at the moment – Hot Honey. It is also great to take away in the campervan.

Just had a lovely afternoon at Harts Barn Cookery School learning lots of ways to cook with honey. We learned about spiced honey butter, honey & lime dressing, Honeyed Harissa and Forest of Dean Honey cake. But the honey delight that I thought would be great for camping trips is the sweet and spicy, ‘Hot Honey’.

Hot Honey only has 2 ingredients and is so easy to make at home. Master chef, Joe, at Harts Barn says to just take some runny honey and add it to a saucepan, Add some dried chilli flakes or one, dried bird’s eye chilli and gently simmer (at about body temperature so as not to burn the honey) for a minute or two. Remove from the heat and let it cool before you put it in a clean jar.

Most people leave the chilli in the honey but bear in mind that this means it will get hotter with time. Some people like to add a little apple cider vinegar to the recipe as well. Just experiment with what you like and the heat-level you like.

How Can You Use Hot Honey

  • drizzled over pizzas
  • trickled over avocado toast
  • added to a whipped ricotta or feta dip
  • on or in scambled egg or omlettes
  • on fried chicken
  • on grilled cheese on toast
  • or some people even like it on ice cream!

Honey is so good for you as it is a super-food. It is full of vitamins and minerals and is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. You can even use honey to treat wounds (although you wouldn’t use the Hot Honey for that, ouch!)

Why not experiment with some Hot Honey on your campervan trips as well as at home.

A Few Bee Facts:

  • a honey bee worker only makes an average of 1/12th of a teaspoon in her lifetime.
  • a pound of honey requires at least 2 million flower visits
  • a honeybee visits 50-100 flowers in one trip
  • honeybees never sleep
  • honey never seems to go off. A pot of honey was found in King Tut’s tomb in Egypt that was still edible.

Harts Barn Cookery School

Harts Barn is a cookery school in the beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. They do courses, supper clubs, hire a chef for an event, parties and corporate days. There is also a lovely foodie shop and a tearoom that does gorgeous food at reasonable prices. We often stop there for a meal on our way back from Wales or on our trips to the Forest.

Check our Harts Barn Cookery School