Campervan Recipes: So Easy – Parsley & Garlic Cream Cheese

This is a really simple recipe that is ideal for campervan life from recipe developer, Jessie, at Life as a Strawberry.

You could make some up at home in the food processor before you go but, if you are out in the van, you could always just hand-chop it. As Jessie says, you can use other herbs like coriander, basil and chives as well. I’ve got these all going mad in my garden at the moment so I’m definitely going to get chopping.

Ingredients that can Multi-Task

As our ingredients in the campervan have to multi-task, I really like that you can also use it in a hot pasta sauce and I think I might throw some in one of my risottos towards the end to make it more ‘smurgy’ (my word for a creamy risotto!)

I think it would also be great on toast (Jessie likes bagels), in a wrap, quesedilla, dolloped on your Chilli con Beanie or curry, on a savoury pancake, or mixed in some scrambled eggs at the end. And you get all the health benefits of the garlic and herbs too.


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