Soulful Travel and Cooking Tips from Amazing Maderia

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately because Glyn and I decided to escape the soggy UK and find a bit of sun on the sumptious island of Maderia. We hadn’t been there before but have totally fallen in love with it. We stayed in a studio apartment that only had a 2-ring hob for cooking so it was a bit like cooking in a campervan (except a lot more head room!) and I developed a couple of campervan-style recipes while I was there…

But first let me offer you a visual feast before we get to the foodie stuff. There’s no doubt that Maderia is special and we really recommend it for a bit of easy winter sun. (Checkout my Instagram page thecampercookie for more pictures.) 

Lush landscape…


Volcanic lagoons…


Secret valleys…


An exquisite ocean moment…


Fresh Tuna in the market…I pan fried a couple of steaks and they were out of this world!


Not sure why I look so nervous in this one…I kind of expected it to come alive and get me…


But Now to the Food

While we were there we tried the local artisan bread, ‘Bolo do Caco’ which is a round loaf made with sweet potato added and cooked on a hot plate. They serve it in restaurants a lot with garlic butter and it is totally delicious.


I wanted to make the garlic bread in our apartment but, as we didn’t have an oven, I pan-fried it instead and it worked really well so it is something I will do when we are out in the van. In fact I make it at home a lot now using panini rolls.

Here is one I did tonight to have with my cauliflower soup.


How to Make

  • First you need to make up some garlic butter which means just chopping up some garlic and mixing it with salted butter and add a few herbs if you like, I added dried oregano. Any extra can be kept in the fridge or frozen.
  • Cut the panini in half horizontally and spread the garlic butter on the inside
  • Put the bread in the pan dry-side down and let it heat up. You will see the butter melt in to the bread.
  • Flip the bread over so that butter side is now facing down and cook for a minute or two until golden brown.

The smell is amazing! This is great to eat as a side with your pasta, BBQ or soup.